I'm excited.

That's what I want.

The chauffeur will be on duty after 3 o'clock.

It's a huge contract.

I demand to speak with my lawyer.

Many people attended that conference.


Andre has almost completely recovered.


She had her husband drive the children to their homes.

We're not ready.

I was ashamed of my behavior.

What is her surname?

I must convince him.

She ended off her speech with some jokes.

Don't settle for less.

She therefore came up on this side, opened her own window and tapped her horn lightly to draw attention to the fact that she was there.

Does this belong to you?


I went climbing in the Alps.

I think I'd better go with Clare.

Leslie called me stupid.


I sucked up the dust on the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

The river Ganges is considered sacred to Hindus.

Is this spider poisonous?

These aims are an important part of the regional development strategy.

Toft still has opportunities.


Ahmet switched to English.


I can't see anything at all.

Rich sent his mother some flowers on Mother's Day.

Just ignore that.


She awoke him.

How long are you going to be in town?

After the fight, they lost contact entirely.

I don't want to be disbarred.

Can you understand this language?


Elwood is going to propose.

We should take a trip.

You are welcome, Jack!

The tree branch broke when a bullet hit it.

Geoffrey can't write French without making mistakes.

Are you going to stop me?

It goes without saying that she is happy.

Let's do that together.

I play bass in a jazz band.

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The sheets were soaked with sweat.

They are apprehensive that some further disaster might occur.

My uncle had a kiwi vine on his porch. The fruit was delicious.


How was the dance?


It would be funny, if it wasn't so tragic.

I'm so tired!

Could you tell me the way to the station, please?

She charmed everyone present.

I run a motel.

I'm not rolling up their carpets.

This is a silver coin.

Will Frank ever forgive me?

That typhoon prevented me from going out.

I will never see him.

Presley came close to being run over.

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I studied French all afternoon.

You shot him.

Heinrich is neatly dressed.

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I called her from the hospital.

Money and I are strangers; in other words, I am poor.

Kim doesn't have any credit cards.

She fell totally in love with him.

Have you heard this story already?

Don't you think you deserve that?

We went out from there at eleven.

The reason is that I want to be an English teacher.

How about another cup of coffee?

Alberto got hit by a truck.

I told her to do that.

Franklin picked up his stuff and walked out the door.

Maria is playing outside.

I thought you'd ask that.

It made me nervous when I was asked by the host to offer some words of congratulation.


It's not as big a problem as you think.

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The sight of blood turned his stomach.

Time was hard on her.

They're not alone.

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All things considered, we can not say that it is wrong.

A bird is incessantly singing in my balcony.

Louise went to the movies every week.


There's something we don't have enough of.


That was pretty hard.

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Leora is very rude.

Sean seems conceited.

What you said to Elric made him angry.

That is not what the narrative is about.

Probably John will pass the examination.


Vincenzo is just a little bit shorter than you.

I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year.

Dan didn't use a mobile.


I don't know what happened to Siegurd.

It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.

One sniff of that stuff was enough to make me sick.

You should have knocked before you came in.

Try and look happy.

The beauty of the sunset surpassed description.

Who do you think is the writer of this novel?

They were able to identify him by his wrist watch.

Sylvan introduced me to his roommate.

When I see the soundly sleeping face of my daughter, I think, "I will give it my all tomorrow, too."

I don't have time to do that now.

Is this acceptable?

My parrot died yesterday.

Something might have happened to her.

Mysore's hobbies are gardening, sailing, carpentry and cycling.


Don't even talk to me.


Here's what I think happened.

What was the weather like?

How on earth can we restore our youth?

Hackers find new ways of infiltrating private or public networks.

It was this racket that Mike bought yesterday.


Those didn't want to wear a sexy costume for Halloween so she decided to dress like an Amish woman.

I think that might be a good idea.

I'm feeling nervous.

Thanks a lot for having warned me!

I'm in the middle of a meeting.

Please don't bother about me.

You're taking a big risk coming here.

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Thanks for hiring me.

He professes that he had no connection with that affair.

I didn't stay home because it was raining.

I don't speak Arabic very well.

He must come.

I love God, Heaven's father, who created me.

I regret that I will be unable to meet you on February 27 owing to an unexpected matter.


Let's try again, guys!

Michel sat at the bar, just staring at his drink.

He brought her flowers.

I guess it's possible.

I made a bad mistake on the test.

In any case please stop using "pretty" when describing a man.

Lea is disobedient.

For the economy as a whole, recovery seems still far away.

She's a terrible driver.


Can you teach me how to do that?


Valeria didn't say whether he was planning to go or not.

He made much of his teacher's advice.

Urs couldn't possibly have opened that door by himself.

He has become another man since getting married.

Are you gay?

He will regret this.

Vick never paid my mother any child support.

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Ted said no one could help him.

If you hurry, you can grant your luggage and get into the plane.

I don't think it's odd at all.

We've got a lot of things to do before we can help you.

Bruno felt scared.

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I'd like to go abroad someday.

How do I open the hood?

Wendell reluctantly did as he was told.

Germany is known as a land of poets and philosophers.

He is as tall as his father.

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I am going to summer school from August 10.

My ears feel like they're stuffed up.

You're not fat.

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The boy began to make noise.


It's already dark outside.


Judith doesn't always obey his parents.

She is very cross with him.

It's the first thing that my father wrote.

Tell her that I am doing shopping.

Have you dyed your hair?

You must keep this plan a secret as there may be some changes yet.

Who took this picture?