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Miles speaks French fluently.


I suggest you keep a low profile.


She is what is called a woman of culture.

What country is it close to?

You don't need to convince me.

This is good stuff!

I can't understand Jitendra.

I bought this sweater yesterday.

Stevan is Sergeant's husband's best friend.

He is an experienced teacher.

How many eyes had the Cyclops?

I don't think you're schizophrenic.

That's up to Syed.

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A bike path goes right past my house.


Weather permitting, let's go on a picnic.

Being poor is expensive.

Charleen ignored me today.

She came across Jack yesterday.

These sodding mosquitoes will suck all our blood out of us.

Eva is getting woozy.

She showed him how to use the new software.


This is priceless.

What's the alternative?

It is seven now.

Her new novel has become a best seller.

Did you say you had a fight with Joan?

She risked her life to save him.

If you come to Rio, don't forget to call me to be your guide!


Sunlight pours into the room through the window.

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I truly doubt it.


I guess it sounds a bit silly.


Polly has a hard time breathing.

I've worked hard my entire life.

Could be, could be.

The victims of the earthquake disaster are numerous.

George Washington arrived the day before.


Many children are playing on the beach.

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She brushed away the dust.

Michel lives with his father.

Cristi asked the wrong questions.

Nowadays we are apt to forget the benefits of nature.

This is not my first time riding a bicycle.

I'm in a bad mood today.

I wonder if there is any reason to translate this into French.


I don't like the poor, they think only of money.

This song sounds like one I heard a few minutes ago.

Toby and Murat went together.

I do this for a living.

John Couch Adams was born in England in 1819. He was born to a farming family.


I have no idea what the weather will be like tomorrow.

The present they bought is for themselves.

Caroline tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

During O-bon, Japanese people believe they receive a visit from an ancestor.

Sangho can eat just about anything but peanuts.

Try to keep up with Frances.

Pierre asked us what we thought Ahmed wanted.

I climbed one.

Will she forgive him for forgetting her birthday?

Colin hates these things.

The air conditioner has got out of order.


Rees will never listen to Marcel.

Slartibartfast is John's oldest son.

Whenever you come, you are always welcome.


She's the laziest person I know.

Have you been to London?

Could this possibly happen again?

Part and Patricia can't get enough of each other.

For all his wealth, he is not contented.

How beautiful it is!

I love your city.

Did you work last night?

The dog is brown, small, and skinny.

Cut off the electricity.

To look at him, you'd take him for a girl.


Soohong is merciful.

Catherine got on his motorcycle and started it up.

I don't think I can get through this.


I'm sorry I got you into this.

She should have been more careful.

This car is kind of flashy.

We try to look after each other.

I will make every effort to pass the entrance examination.


His joke was great.

Those memory molecules are the antibodies.

Where do you want to go and spend your vacation?

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He is considered an extraordinarily gifted pianist.

She earns a living as a writer.

Some were late.

I'll make it up to her.

I'm sure Maria would be very interested in what you have to say.

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The primary cause of his failure is laziness.

"I must apologise for the state of things" has ended up becoming quite a polite expression these days, hasn't it?

Panos has never given Mah any jewelry.

Do you dare to ask him that?

I think we should help them.

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Who am I actually: a monk dreaming he's a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming it's a monk?

That's what we're hoping.

Call me when you leave work.

I really hope things work out for you.

I think I'd want to know.

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Mario is dozing.

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Yesterday, I bought a red car.

Are they American?

I felt something crawling on my back.

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We had better cancel the hike.

You're all mine.

This is extremely hard.


How long do you think it will take to go to the airport?


Could you tell them, please?

Jackye works for Kiki.

After seeing how bravely he acted, his friends thought better of him.

They're kidding.

I couldn't quite hear you.


You may find your umbrella at the Lost and Found.


It doesn't matter who, just ask somebody.

I've come to know Lorraine quite well.

What's your motivation?

I know what I want.

A stranger spoke to me on the crowded bus.


What did you have to eat?

You have to reset the odometer.

My icon photo is a bit of a neighbor's roof as seen from my bedroom window.

I'm going to go wash my hair.

She prepared herself for the tennis match by practicing for hours every day.

I would gladly help you, only I am too busy now.

I'll come back in half an hour.

When I was very young, my father died. His younger brother, due to the vicissitudes of the times and to his own laziness, dissipated his own fortune and afterwards became a peddler of writing materials. He often came to our house, but when he came, my mother would scold him and he would be troubled.

She sued him.

I'd like to talk about that.

Frankie parceled out soup for each of the homeless men.

OK, no problem.

My son is ashamed of his behavior.

Don't sit there. That's Vinod's chair.

It's people like you who are ruining it for everyone else.

They're definitely more than just friends.

Nancy is having a chat with her friends.

The plane was lost sight of in the clouds.

We thought you were coming with us.

She's an individualist.

Can't you peel an orange?


Did you intend to kill them?


Decide what time you wish to stay up in the morning.

They didn't speak English very well.

What he said was over my head.

Nothing special happened.

Everything is okay, don't worry!

Children found Christmas presents hidden under the bed.

People are urinating in public.


I'm not the one who crashed the car.

The flight was cancelled because of the thick fog.

What did John sing on the stage?

You'll never walk alone.

Axel doesn't have time to talk to you now.

Max knew he was being followed.

You said I was beautiful.

Let me handle this, all right?

I'm helping you.

Teri didn't want us there.

I can't be everywhere.

The door blew open.

His desire for promotion blinded him to other's feelings.

They're all fine, thank you.

She bought new gloves.

It's not that long a flight.

Is eating more than eight oranges a day bad for you?

He has more sense than to say such a foolish thing.

That'll depend entirely on them.