I dunno what's with ya these days.

The manager will be right with you.


Who shall ever unravel the mysteries of the sea?

Sarah had numerous girlfriends.

Jean-Christophe looks really sad.

The rectangle and the rhombus are parallelograms.

I would rather not go shopping alone.

That sucks.

We hold out no expectation of success.

The media doesn't report this news.

No-one invited her.

Take your hands off her.

He leaped over the shallow ditch.

She borrowed the ruler.

I love Mexican food.


Darin has trouble getting along with other students in his class.

I'd like to listen to pop music.

I wish Billy was here with me today.


Land prices are running higher every year.

We should not depend on your parents.

My gums bleed whenever I floss my teeth.

We heard that.

You can invite other people.


The phenomenon is typical of our modern era.

I'm going to take your measurements.

You can't buy me off with shiny beads and sweet talk.

The woman who is sitting on the sofa is my grandmother.

Bring me the scissors.


I can sense how worried you are.

He may be jogging around the park.

I want to try it.

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It is only natural that he be proud of his son.

I am going to take you to the market once more and sell you as dry firewood.

I missed it inadvertently.


I told her that I wasn't busy.

She picked up a stone.

Jay didn't want to tell Bea about what had happened.

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Oh, Penny! This is great timing. There's something I wanted to ask you.

It's manna from heaven.

What brings you here?

What will your husband do for three days in Prague?

I wonder what Jun was thinking.


Knock yourself out, Kimmo.

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He took it from beneath his coat.

I bought that off eBay.

She watched the birds intently and joyfully.

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Can you make us some breakfast?


Though she wanted to travel abroad by herself, she decided not to.


To be an interesting person you have to feed and exercise your mind.

The old man who'd fallen was really Buddha.

This idea was easier to cope with.


Friendship redoubles joy and cuts grief in half.

This is a picture of them.

If I know the context, I understand the text.

This fashion has had its day.

You're in charge now.


I like being treated like that.

Humans only live about 70 years.

Hm! You're right!


Peter denied that he was Christ's disciple.

I didn't know that Toft talked about me.

Don't try too hard.

The two men sitting on the bench were Americans.

In their family, they have always been farmers from father to son.

Lawyers are all liars.

The plan talks a lot about active citizenship. But it must be active and engaged citizenship.


I don't think I've done anything wrong.

Syd and Jitendra stopped and picked up a hitchhiker.

You should be careful not to become overconfident.


Mac and Nick are my cousins.

He let his books fall to the floor.

Pandora took Stephan back when her affair with her boss didn't work out.


The plan will be carried out in the near future.

How did you come to know it?

The hall needs a new curtain.

His salary enables him to live in comfort.

I've done this a long time.


You shouldn't have gone.


Tomorrow, we'll begin.

The day after tomorrow is Dory's birthday.

Why aren't you wearing gloves?

Maybe you can get Deb to run the marathon with you.

The result was unexpected.

There's nothing like a dish of homemade ice cream.

Don't start doing that.


In the parent's mind, a child grows but does not age.


I'll have a drink.

We have to do it.

Winston, what do you want to have for dinner?


We have four rabbits, one of them bites.

My good friend, Maarten, convinced me to go to Boston.

Why? Because Terry Tate always replied promptly, that's why.


Jeffery kept on making the same mistake.

My house is here.

I saw her take your keys.

I wanted to go swimming.

Have you ever sheared a sheep?


I'm going to wait here for you.


They show their season-tickets to the bus driver, or buy tickets.

They have their own culture.

A few hours nap will do you good.

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I have a cat and a dog.

Ken complained of a headache.

I went to Kobe by train.

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All you have to do is sit here and watch.


I'm almost certain that Louie will get into the university that he wants.

His hobbies are playing the guitar and singing.

Rakhal is pessimistic.


Her father works at the bank.

Have you decided what you want to order?

The galactic center is in the constellation Sagittarius.

Christ is risen!

Claude skated very well.

My grandson cries very loud.

Jonathan was not coping at school, and was diagnosed as a slow learner in second grade.

If you had not helped me, I would have failed.

The United States is the only highly developed nation that does not require employers to provide paid vacation time.


Emirates has five daily flights from New York to Dubai.


Nobody messes with him.

I used to go to school with him.

My husband didn't die.


We've sold some but not a whole lot.


We wish Knute continued success.


I would like to see the car repaired as quickly as possible.

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How much money does a basement window like that cost?

It's okay to be a gay.

What a bore!

Brush your teeth before going to bed.

They'll buy anything.

Either you go, or I go.

Dan stopped at a petrol station to call his mother.

You won't need to worry about that again.

I got the news from a reliable source.


I scoffed it dry.

Do you smell anything?

That's how I know you love Marci.


The problem is one of determining the dominant factors in this phenomenon.

The old lady is bound to fart.

You haven't seen one, have you?

I've been going over the budget.

It's hearsay.

He is kicking me!

I'm not sure if I have the courage to ask for her number.

Have you seen any English travelers here?

I know that this is important for us all.

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I know what you did wasn't intentional.

You've got no authority to do that.

I hope that I'll see her.

I need to know what you think.

Don't talk to my sister like that.


When I got out of bed this morning, I had a headache.

Has anyone seen my keys?

Michiel was so engrossed in his book that he didn't hear the front door bell.

I'm at a loss to explain Kirk's absence.

He remembered that he could not swim after he jumped into the water.

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Nobody can blame you for falling in love with Oleg.


I'm glad that's done.